Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So what if I feel regret?
Does that means it's wrong?
Am I ungrateful to some capacity?
What about all those people who say,
they don't regret anything...
everything happens for a reason,
therefore regret is unnecessary.
I'm not judging, but I may not agree.
Regret isn't bad…
for me it means being emotionally aware...
things may have been different
but certain decisions, both good and bad
may not have been the right decision
(whatever right is).
That's okay.
Regret has worked as a sort of radar for me.
Its made me more alert, appreciative -
its made me wise to all the layers going on
at any given moment.
Regret has taught me to forgive,
understand, and put myself in someone else's shoes.
I don't regret regret.
For me, it has connected me 
to some major breakthroughs as a person.

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