Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye to 2011

This is the last entry for 2011 -
it's hard to believe it's the end of year.
Today, I want to focus on 
what's been my biggest realization in 2011.
Life isn't easy, and it's not supposed to be.
Elements seem to always be juggling…
but one of the consistencies has been,
my core relationships with family,
friends, and the love of my life.
It's a balance I never achieved until this year.
It could be because maturity,
destiny, countless other reasons -
but more than that,
it happened because it's a balance I chose.
Life flashes around quickly,
it changes, evolves, it shocks us...
it's mostly out of our control.
Therefore, the little control
I do have has been best used
showing love and appreciating those I love.
In return, a level of peace
I never imagined walks with me today.
I am most grateful for this -
for love, and for hope.
Thank you and goodbye to 2011.
May 2012 be a blessing to you all,
and thank you for supporting
Thoughts of a Butterfly.


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