Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life with Choice

I heard a great story today.
A man who was incarcerated for many years,
was released and decided he would change his life.
Many of us take that choice for granted…
this man not only knew it was the right way,
it's what he had to do, despite the difficulites.
He spoke at an awards ceremony,
for the non-profit which helped him get back on his feet.
His speech was memorable for many reasons,
the biggest probably because he said
he got a piece of mail that most people hate.
He got an electric bill.
To him, this represented all his hard work
amounted into the integrity of having his own space, 
where he now gets a bill,
AND has the money to pay it.
How many of us cringe with the sight of another bill?
Perhaps, it would be nice to appreciate, 
despite how difficult the times are,
how lucky we are to have our freedom,
and even more basic - our life with choice.

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