Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Mother's Love

As I look back at the scenes of my past,
I am lucky to see one constant link threading the story together.
I was blessed with the gift of a Mother's love.
Childhood memories circle in my mind,
as I recognize the message there to learn.
Like a timeless love story, the recurring picture,
no matter whether the story evoked happy or sad feelings,
my mother's comfort and warmth were always there
to accompany me through my journey.

For years, I overlooked her solid presence.
I took it for granted, assuming
she is ‘Mom,’ that is what she is supposed to do.
But now I know, she didn't have to do a thing.
There is a greater force, a love in her heart,
which has become completely evident to my soul and mind.
Her humility added compassion to my reasoning.
Her kindness softened the harsh realities I lived.
Her perspective gave me eyes to see another side of life.

I will never forget the strength and courage she has exuded,
a time in our lives when we could have fallen apart.
The weight of the world fell on her gentle shoulders,
and without hesitation, she carried it all, as she saw something,
she tuned into something, our blurred eyes could not see.
She held on tight and never spoke ill to cloud our minds.
If she felt pain, she carried it alone, only showing us love.
It was her conviction as a woman, a mother,
that meant class and dignity 
were the characteristics to shine brilliantly
and adorn her broken heart.

I reflect how purpose and determination
always kept her focused.
There has always been a vision in her heart,
one that needs neither words, nor description.
It simply is.
And to know her is to see it.
She is a woman of few words.
She is not showy, extravagant, or ostentatious.
Her ways don't require explanation.
There is something sincere about her spirit.
She radiates a timeless warmth.
One best described as,
to the fortune of my brother and I, 
a mother's incredible love.  

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